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About Us

Made in New Mexico – in the Heart of the Rio Grande Valley 

LR McGee is a graduate of Montana State University. She received her degree in textiles and fashion merchandising - with an emphasis in dress design, weaving and fiber arts. Lori has been designing and knitting garments for more than 20 years. All items are handcrafted in New Mexico and occasionally a “Limited Edition” piece is introduced. 

Some of Lori's unique touches include her own originally cast sterling buttons. All extra attention to detail creates an unmatched quality and the finished look is stunning! 



People always ask "what is snurtzy"? 

While in High School we had an incredible Home Economics teacher. Guys waited patiently until their senior year to take “Bachelor Survival” from Kay Dell! Fortunately – for us girls, the class was renamed "Senior Sampler" to include all Seniors interested in taking this elective. Yes - she was everyone’s favorite -loved by all her students.  

A few highlights: 

We couldn't wait to get to sewing class to make our Frost Line Kits. Down vests were the Bomb Digity - especially for the guys! Cooking classes were always a hit too. Dandelion Casserole – seriously? We picked dandelions and made a delicious casserole. Another crazy fun day we made individual pineapple upside down cakes in coffee cans and cooked them around a campfire we made on campus!

Yep - these were things that memories were made of. It's no wonder “Senior Sampler” was the coveted class by every student! 

My wish is for every student to have that ONE teacher! The one who makes incredibly positive impressions so students can continue on to fulfill their dreams.

Not only was Kay Dell my mentor… She created memories!

Kay Dell - you are one SNURTZY Lady - this one's for you! 

My interpretation:

snurt•zy (snûrt´zē)

snurtzy adj.  POSH, amusing, classy, fun, neat, cool, chic, exclusive, smoxy

1.     all things snurtzy

noun  PANACHE, swag, originality, pizzazz

origin of snurtzy 1976-1977: of obscure origin – near the Missouri Headwaters